3 Ways You Can Be an Ally to Sexual Assault Survivors Today

“Part of addressing rape culture is being kind and generous to ourselves.” – Jillian Vieria

Providing support for a survivor of sexual assault is one of the most important things that you can do, all while being mindful of your own feelings too. Jillian Vieria from The Kit provides us with essential advice for being an ally to sexual assault survivors in her article titled “3 Ways You Can Be an Ally Today to a Sexual Assault Survivor”.

Vieria reminds us that participating in sexual violence activism can be triggering and upsetting for many people and she stresses the importance of taking care of yourself first and foremost throughout this process. Knowing when to take care of yourself, speaking up for yourself, and combating feelings of hopelessness are the three main focuses that Vieria discusses for sexual assault allies to be successful and helpful when supporting survivors.

Learn more about how you can be an ally to sexual assault survivors in Vieira’s full post.

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