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Proudly Supporting Youth Diversion.


The Vogue Charity Fashion Show 2020 Charity Team is excited to announce this year’s charity: Youth Diversion!

Youth Diversion works collaboratively with youth, their families, and other local agencies to administer individualized intervention and prevention services in an effort to help youth overcome challenges. As the Co-Heads of Charity for VCFS 2020, we were immediately intrigued by the incredibly positive influence that Youth Diversion has had on those who they’ve served. During our first meeting with the organization’s executive director Shawn Quigley, he shared stories of youth that had used their challenges as catalysts for positive change in their lives; all thanks to Youth Diversion’s programming. He contrasted these success stories with examples of youth who were sent down the traditional judicial path. The difference in the lives of those who attended Youth Diversion and those who were not fortunate enough to do so is a testament to the importance of having an organization that thrives in inspiring individual growth and avoidance of crime.

One would think that given all of their fantastic work, donors and volunteers would be lining up out the door for a chance to work with Youth Diversion. Unfortunately this is not the case as the organization doesn’t have the awareness and financial support that they need and deserve. That’s where Vogue Charity Fashion Show decided to step in! As a team, it was extremely important for us to support a cause for which people don’t typically advocate. As demonstrated by our support of the Sexual Assault Centre this past year, we don’t believe in shying away from difficult topics as we know that these are often the causes that need the most support. We seek to use our platform to not only provide temporary financial gain, but also long-term traction and recognition among Queen’s students and the Kingston community at large. With these goals in mind, we believe that Youth Diversion is the perfect partner for our team.

Another reason that convinced us that Youth Diversion is the right choice is the fact that they act as a “connector” between various charities throughout Kingston. How you may ask? Well the answer isn’t such a pleasant one. Unfortunately, many of the youth seeking assistance from Youth Diversion, are impacted by sexual violence, mental illness, substance abuse, and much more. Because of this, our past support of other Kingston organizations has indirectly benefited Youth Diversion and its participants. To us, this is all the more reason to support them directly this year.

We are thrilled for the upcoming year, and hope to bring much deserved awareness to such a worthy organization. We hope you’re as excited as us for everything that Vogue Charity Fashion Show 2020 has in store!

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