tempora mutantur



Times change, and we change with them


This year, the Vogue Charity Fashion Show aspires to put forth a thought-provoking performance that encourages its audience to challenge their perceptions on who we are as humans and how we and our surrounding world have come to be. Tempora Mutantur takes us on a journey through time, celebrating the ever captivating elements that make up our universe: those that came before humankind and those that were birthed from our ingenuity. We observe how all these elements continue to thrive and prosper alongside one another today as a united front. Grateful for this opportunity to celebrate the unique roles played by each of the Earth's remarkable masterpieces, we hope to evoke curiosity and awe within as we explore the marvels of our world. Please join VCFS2019 as we showcase our ability to coexist on Earth today while wondering who we may be graced to share it with tomorrow.

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