Camp Trillium is a unique place that offers year-round recreational activities and experiences for children with cancer. It welcomes children of ages between 4-18, and also accommodates parents and siblings of those children. With over 54 programs offered annually, Camp Trillium seeks to be a support system that normalizes the difficult experiences these children undergo while completing their chemotherapy treatment or remissions. Ultimately it helps these children in the healing process and enhances their quality of life. Camp Trillium has two different locations, one is called Our Island and is located in Bloomfield (just outside of Belleville), and the other is called Rainbow Lake which is located in Waterford (south of Mississauga).

By supporting VCFS and our efforts to help Camp Trillium, we will be able to assist in bringing a positive experience to kids who are suffering. The children who attend the camp are either battling cancer or are in remission, and are experiencing all sorts of different things. Including but not limited to living in and out of hospitals, not being able to experience things fully through childhood, and some children are unable to attend school full-time, so being able to provide them the opportunity to attend Camp Trillium allows them, in a safe space, to be kids and spend time with their family. Not only does Camp Trillium help bring normalcy and fun to these children's lives, the programs also help take their minds off of the difficulties they’re enduring with cancer, which is something no child should have to go through. 

VCFS is honoured to be supporting Camp Trillium for our 20th anniversary show, and would like to extend our biggest thank-you's to everyone helping to spread awareness about this truly incredible childhood cancer support centre!


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2007: $23,000 for Kingston General Hospital

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2013: $44,000 for The Sunshine Foundation

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2016: $37,000 for Happy Soul Project