Introducing our Title Sponsor... Fossa Hair Studio & Esthetics

Introducing our Title Sponsor... Fossa Hair Studio & Esthetics

This year, VCFS has teamed up with Fossa Hair Studio & Esthetics (located near The Kingston Hub at 188 Sydenham Street), to bring you VCFS 20 - a show of style and creativity with hairstyles to match. VCFS 20 will take place this March 10th - 12th at The Grand Theatre. 

We had the pleasure of working with Blaize, the Salon Coordinator, who is also a dedicated VCFS supporter, along with the rest of her team at Fossa to make our creative vision come to life this year. Blaize and her team are a talented group of individuals. If you're in need of a mid winter pick-me-up, Fossa Hair Studio and Esthetics is the perfect place!

As VCFS wants to continuously express its commitment to Camp Trillium's amazing cause through a new fundraising opportunities, we are excited to announce that we will be partnering with Fossa Hair Studio & Esthetics to host a Cut-A-Thon! Fossa has generously offered to dedicate an entire day to providing $20 hair cuts on a first-come-first-serve basis. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Camp Trillium. What better way to freshen up your look for spring than by supporting VCFS and Camp Trillium? We would like to thank Fossa Hair Studio and Esthetics for their sponsorship support, and hope to see you there!


Meet the team at Fossa Hair Studio & Esthetics



Blaize is a stylist and the Salon Coordinator at Fossa. She has five years of hair styling experience and is from Kingston. Follow Blaize's stylstic work at @blaizewhytehair.


Amanda has been a stylist at Fossa for one and a half years and has a total of twelve years of experience as a makeup artist. Amanda is originally from Ottawa. See her amazing work here:                    


Brandy has four years of styling experience and is originally from Napanee. See Brandy showcase her talented work at @_hairbybrandy_  


Morgan is from Wolfe Island and has worked at Fossa Hair Studio & Esthetics for six years! Catch Morgan's talent at @hairstylistmo