School is a month away (but where did summer go?) and for some of us that means moving into residence, moving into our first house or going back to living with our friends in the same house as before. To make the thought of going back to school a little bit more bearable, we want to inspire you to make your bedroom reflect your personality and make it your happy place for the next 8 months! 

Here are some fun decorating tips to inspire you as you prepare to move back to K-town in a few weeks! 

Decorating with Plants:

For those of you with a green thumb (aka people that can actually keep plants alive longer than a week), decorating your room with plants is always a great choice! It can give your room a relaxing, summer vibe (even through those cold, painful, endless Kingston winters). For people that always seem to forget that you actually need to water plants, cacti are always a great choice to add a little green to your room, while only having to remember to tend your plant every couple of months. 

Make your plants a little more fun, by placing them in coloured glass bottles, hanging them around your room with crochet hangers or trying out a little DIY and painting the vases with fun colours or patterns. 

For the creative and the artist:

Whether you love creating art or just love to be surrounding by amazing works, your room should reflect this. There are many fun ways to display works you've done or you love. A wire rack (from urban outfitters) can be used to clip up photos for inspiration or small prints you've collected from art galleries you've been visiting throughout the summer. Creating a gallery wall with a mix of posters, prints, and illustrations that make you happy can add personality to your space. 

Coffee table books of your favourite artists can also be put on display on your bedside table or desk as an easy way to give your space some character! 

Need some new prints to freshen up your room for the upcoming year and to add to your gallery wall? Check out these sites and artists to find cool pieces with which to decorate your room: 

Secret Holiday & Co


Urban Outfitters



Displaying your music taste:

If your taste in music is a defining point of your personality, why not decorate your room with the musicians and music that you love in mind! 

Hang up your favourite posters from concerts you went to or display your record collection on your wall (frames for your records can be found here: Ikea). Surrounding yourself with the things you love will make you feel much more at home!

For those who actually have musical abilities, displaying your instruments can double as an organization technique and an easy hack to make your room reflect who you are. 

Lastly, cool speakers can add a fun touch to your room, while you listen to your favourite artists (Some ideas from Best Buy: Here and Here)



Some of us just can't live in clutter and need a space that's clean and fresh in order to live. Creating a clean space doesn't mean it has to be boring. Ensuring all your main furniture is one colour (preferably white) creates an illusion of a bright and spacious room. Decorating your room with only a few of your absolute favourite things ensures that the space is still your own without being overwhelmed with a million things.

Another added bonus is moving in will be much easier when you aren't trying to haul a bunch of stuff you don't actually like or need up to Kingston to "decorate" your space. By only decorating with a few things, it'll be easier to keep your space looking clean and bright, while only being surrounded by things you truly love! 

For those who love to travel:

Some of you may have spent a nice portion of your summer traveling the world, creating memories and photographs that you'll cherish for the rest of your life. Developing your photos and creating a giant photo collage or stringing them up across your room are both great ways to remember the trips you took and cherish the memories you made. 

Tapestries with maps or scratch away map posters can also be used to fill up your walls (and also be used to procrastinate as you stare at them and plan out which country you're going to travel to next). For travel inspired prints, check out Rifle Paper & Co, for some fun and quirky maps of famous cities around the world!