The Do's and Don'ts of Montréal's trendiest music festival 

Let VCFS help make your time at Osheaga even more wicked with our tips and tricks! 

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H2O IS THE WAY TO GO - Yes, I'm sure you've heard it countless times, but staying hydrated keeps you cool and energized during those long days in the sun! Even go the extra step and sport a cute plastic bottle, like this one from Canadian company Lululemon to help out mama earth <3 


The heat, long hours and not being able to have a nice shower getting to you? Try freshening up with Batiste! Yes, Batiste is one of the pricer dry shampoos available, but it is well worth the extra couple of bucks. I have personally tried all options on the market, and nothing compares to good ol' Batiste. If, however, your hair hygiene has reached beyond a point of benefiting from dry shampoo, throw on a trendy floppy hat (like this one from Forever 21)!



You might not notice the burning sun on the first day, but you'll definitely notice that night when your friends all tell you that you look like a lobster and you can't bare wearing your favourite shirt the next day because it rubs in all the bad sunburn spots and clashes with your bright red skin. Don't let a sunburn ruin a fun weekend of dancing and singing along to your favourite acts!


Check out bands you've never heard of before! 

Music festivals are a great way to see a few of your favourite artists over the course of a weekend, but they also give you an awesome opportunity to check out new musicians and bands you may not have heard of before. Maybe there is a band that you love one of their songs, but don't know the rest... check them out! You can discover new music while waiting for your absolute favourite band to play later in the day! Also, this way every time that you listen to the band, you'll have the sweet memory of discovering their music while listening to them live in concert. 

After all, you did pay to see the music, so might as well get as much live music out of the weekend as you can! 


Dress for the weather!

Always check the weather the morning of! You don't want to show up in your best festival outfit (read: least waterproof) and end up looking like a wet dog by the end of the night! You also don't want to ruin those shoes that really can't handle being stepped on and soaked in mud! Being prepared for the weather also ensures that you spend the weekend enjoying the festival and hanging out with friends, rather than being uncomfortable and grumpy all weekend (which literally NO ONE will appreciate!) 


live through your phone! 

Capturing the occasional fun moment is definitely a must, but videotaping every moment for snapchat or taking 100 photos to put on instagram later is a no-go! Put away your phone and dance like no one is watching (because despite there being thousands of people all around you, no one cares about anything other than sharing the same air as their favourite singer!) Trust us when we say that watching your favourite band through grainy snapchat videos is not as exciting as being in the moment!


rely on cellphone service!
With so many people crammed in a giant field, there will be plenty of times that your phone will have spotty service! Make sure you and your friends make a plan beforehand of where to meet between acts (if you're going to see different people!) or where to meet at certain points throughout the day. This will ensure that no matter who you go to see or where you end up, you know that you'll still be able to find your friends at the end of the day (even if your snapchats won't load and your texts keep bouncing)! 


Hope everyone has a fun and safe weekend!