Presenting: VCFS 2016/2017 Executive Team

Presenting: VCFS 2016/2017 Executive Team

We had an overwhelmingly talented group of applicants for the 2016/2017 Executive Team. This made our decision very difficult. Thank you to all of those who applied and showed interest in joining VCFS. Stay tuned for our fall hiring of Models, Dancers, Musicians, Designers and Interns.  

 We cannot wait to get started on making the 20th anniversary show the best yet.  Presenting the next generation of VCFS:

* * *

Heads of Charity

Alex Young, Johana Kita

Heads of Social

Nicky Kabtisis, Gregory Radisic

Heads of Marketing

Aleksandra Uzelac, Kate McKenzie

Heads of Photography

Robyn Berry, Alex Johnson Dingee

Head of Finance

Melissa Heike

Heads of Sponsorship 

Emmanuel Couture-Tremblay, Ali Skakie, Zheng-Yi Ong

Head of Clothing

Anushka Garde

Heads of Tech

Tory Coward, Annie Laskaris

Head of Logistics

Brennan Caldwell

Head of Music

Sarah Vermaeten

Head of Independent Design

Maddy Jones

Heads of Creative

Andrea Van Toch, Lea Trotman, Joe Palubiski

Head Model Choreographer

Cameron McMillan

Head Dance Choreographer

Krista Borzellino

* * * 

Congratulations to everyone, 

Xoxo Vogue Love,

Kathryn Woodward and Susannah Davis- 2016/2017 Presidents