Halloween is really ~creeping~ up on us, and with our busy schedules it's hard to find the time to put together a grade A costume without dropping a lot of cash! So, VCFS brings to you some quick, easy, and cheap ideas to make your Halloween smoothly spooky. 

Pro-Tip #1: Pinterest is your best friend

Creating an account is so easy, and their keyword search function is v straight forward, the best part? Pinterest will bring up photos, blogs, links, lists and everything else on the internet related to your search! No need to spend your time going through google to find Huffington Post articles or Pop Sugar lists, Pinterest group everything together in one page! 

Link to some DIY costumes here

Pro-Tip #2: Use what you already have in your closet! 

It's the Friday night of Halloween weekend, you've just finished writing your last midterm and Uh Oh! it's 8pm - everything is closed. HAVE NO FEAR, YOUR CLOSET IS HERE! The focal for a très last minute costume here won't be your outfit, but your makeup! Get creative on your face, experiment with contours and eyeliner and if you're really feeling freaky, try out one of the split-face spooky creations. All you need to pair it with is a simple black outfit and BOOM you're all set!

ps. An awesome last minute touch (if you have time) is to pick up a pair of contact lenses for a fuller effect! 

Pro-Tip #3: Hit up the thrift shop! 

Thrift shopping is great around halloween time because who wants to spend tons of money on itemPros they are going to only wear once?! Sure, you could probably pop in to H&M to pick up that striped t-shirt you may need, but why not check out to see if Phase 2 or Value Village has a duplicate first? A lot of times too, second hand stores will have a halloween section - ultimate convenience! 

Pro-Tip #4: Pair up or find a group of friends to split on supplies!

Finally settled on a costume that requires 3 single sequins, but you just no choice but to purchase a bag of 500? Why not get someone else in on it?! Not only will you save money, you won't end up with a bunch of left over supplies you'll never use again AND you can make a night of it creating your costumes together! ... Hello Pillsbury cookies. 

Pro-Tip #5: When in doubt, pull a Jim from The Office

OK, so maybe Halloween isn't your thing, or you're really too pressed for time to put something else together, Jim Halpert is your next source for inspiration. Simple, yet clever.