$20 & Under Treats!

$20 & Under Treats!

We know some of you are still slaving away at Stauff so why not do some productive procrastinating and check out our totally STUDENT BUDGET FRIENDLY gift guide! Make sure to check out our FLIPGIVE PAGE!

1. "Best Mom Ever" Mug - $14.00 - Indigo (Chapters)

Cute mugs are the perfect gift for the holidays! You can always find one with the perfect design, or saying for virtually any one of your friends or family. We love this cute pink one, perfect for mom. Chapters has an amazing selection of cute mugs for under $20! You can even fill them with some cute candy or stationary for an even more personalized treat. (This is also great if you tried to do the DIY sharpie mugs but failed miserably... and or have no artistic talent).

2. Mini Voluspa Candles -  $8.00 - Anthropologie 

Candles are another great option and these mini ones from Anthropologie are super affordable and look great in any room. Not to mention they all smell AMAZING. Sometimes you can even find them in cute sets of 3. If not, you could even pick 2 or 3 yourself and package them beautifully for your BFF or anyone else who is a candle junkie (AKA EVERYONE)!!!

3. Recoil in White -  $6.00 - Recoil Winders

NOW THIS. This is the most amazing little gadget you had no idea you needed. This is perfect for a secret santa or to add to your BF or brother's gifts. It is a little device that coils up your headphones so they don't tangle! It's genius. Not only that, its only $6!! Might as well grab 5 for yourself while you're at it.

4. Gold Monogram Mug $7.00 - Anthropologie

This is everyone's favourite mug with a slight twist. Yes, we are featuring two mugs on this gift guide. We just couldn't help it. We LOVE mugs. How many mugs is too many mugs anyway?? (The answer is never, you can never have too many mugs). We know pretty much everyone and their mother has the OG monogram mug from Anthropologie but we can't help but lust over this one because of the gold detail. Its so luxe yet so cheap. 

5. Darth Vader USB Drive - $19.95 - Indigo (Chapters)

We love all the cute trinkets you can find at Indigo and we also love Star Wars. For anyone you know who loves Star Wars and needs a USB this is perfect. It'll look so cool on your BF's backpack and even cooler in your insta with your mug and laptop (but you already knew that).

Don't forget, all these items can be purchased through Vogue's FLIPGIVE PAGE!  Don't forget to check it out and help give to an amazing charity while doing your Holiday shopping!

Happy Holidays!