Mr. and Mrs. President

Mr. and Mrs. President

Meet Joseph McCullough and Grace Mustard, 2013-2014 Presidents of Vogue Charity Fashion Show.

The pair met in first year university and immediately clicked. They know how to have a lot of fun together but also know when its time to get serious, which makes them the perfect presidential pair. We sat down with the two of them to get a little more insight on their lives at Queen’s and their roles as presidents of Vogue.

Tell us a little bit about yourselves: 

G: My name is Grace Mustard (but some people call me Hope Relish) and I am a fourth year student studying Spanish and economics and yes, I am a redhead. I like to say that my early years as a Brooklyn girl really shaped me, but truthfully, I hail from the beautiful state of New Jersey. I was an avid Irish dancer and if you give me a few glasses of red wine, I will show you. My pastimes include surfing the web for puppies dressed up in human clothes, canoe tripping, and snuggling and giggling with Joey M.

J: My name Is Joseph McCullough and I am a fourth year history major. I grew up in bustling metropolis of Mississauga, but I would like to tell people I am from a German farm. Outside of VCFS, I enjoy antiquing, drinking a fine glass (or 5) of scotch, and Birkenstocks and socks. I was not lying about the German farm, as I hope to live in Europe and work on sustainable farms in the future. I obviously will only do this if I am able to see Grace’s face every day for at least two hours.

 Tell us about your roles as President: 

G: Our job is to lead this beautiful team to success. I consider us the mama and papa of the club as we are there to oversee, offer insight, and keep everyone on the right track.

What is it about Vogue that you love:

G: My favourite part of VCFS has to be the feelings of pride and amazement after watching my peers in the actual show. It is crazy to see how talented and professional everyone is and year after year it always blows me away.

J: I agree with Grace, watching the whole show come together after a year long process of making it happen is very special. It’s like magic on stage.

Describe your personal style:

G: My personal style is like a relaxed mom because well my mom shops for all my clothes and I tend to believe the clothes she picks out for me are comfy and chic.

J: My personal style includes fine furs, wool socks, Burberry and LLbean coats, long underwear, and of course, birks.