5 Stress Relievers in Kingston


Stress is a huge factor when it comes to mental health. We know, school is stressful, but that’s why it’s important to take a moment each day to do something relaxing and fun! We have come up with what we think are the top five stress relieving activities that you can do right here in Kingston!!

1. Yoga

Yoga is a great way to relieve stress and relax during a busy week. Samatva Yoga studio in Kingston is a great place to get the yoga getaway that you need! It is conveniently located in the middle of the hub, beside the Grizzly Grill, so it is easy to get to from campus. The studio offers beginner yoga as well as regular and hot yoga. Also, if your short on cash, Samatva offers yoga by donation! Yoga by donation classes make yoga affordable for students, and all the money goes to local and global charities. You’ll come out feeling stress relieved AND feeling good about the donation that you have made to support the local Kingston community!

2. Musiiki Cafe

Musiiki Café is an adorable coffee shop located at 73 Brock Street. The café’s cozy and creative ambiance is the perfect place to grab a coffee and a yummy baked treat, to sit back and relax, and to enjoy some live music. Musiiki aims to promote music and art in a space that allows people to come together and collaborate over a steaming cup of coffee. With its amazing ambiance and beautiful venue, Musiiki is definitely a must-visit Kingston stress-reliever.

Click here to visit Musiiki’s Facebook page.

3. Visit the Agnes Etherington Art Centre

The Agnes Etherington Art Center is the perfect place to get away from schoolwork for a little stress relief, and it is located right in the middle of campus! The art center is free for students and is open every day except Monday. Right now the Agnes Etherington is hosting an exhibition titled Geoffrey James: Inside Kingston Penitentiary, which boasts Geoffrey James’s pictures of the notorious prison through its last few months of operation. How cool is that!? The art centre is definitely the perfect getaway on a stressful day.

Click here for the Agnes Etherington website to see their current and upcoming exhibitions.

4. Kingston Waterfront

There is something about the fresh air and sparkling water that makes the Kingston waterfront perfect for an afternoon walk. Not only is the waterfront beautiful, taking a walk is also a huge stress reliever. If you have tons of work to do and are feeling overwhelmed, go for a walk! You will come back to your work feeling refreshed and focused. Trust us – it works!

5. Visit the Humane Society

The Kingston Humane Society is definitely a place you must visit before you graduate! The Humans Society is always looking for volunteers to help walk dogs, and to play with them in their outdoor playpen! Make a trip to the Humane Society when you’re feeling stressed and you’ll definitely be cheered up by all the adorable dogs and cats. If you love it as much as we do, sign up to be a volunteer so that you can help with the animals on a regular basis!

Click here for the Humane Society website.

We hope that you’re week will be a little bit less stressful with the help from these fun Kingston activities!!